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Complete the form below to build your roster. You can spend up to $100 on exactly eight movies, and have until noon ET on Thursday, September 28, to enter. Movies may be added or removed from the game until that point, and if you draft that one that later becomes unavailable, you won’t be able to replace it. Choose wisely.

To review the official rules and scoring categories, visit the Movies Fantasy League landing page — and for comprehensive details and guidance about every movie eligible for selection, spend some time with Joe Reid’s official draft kit. Interested in playing but not ready to draft yet? Sign up here for a reminder to build your team before the window closes.

Good luck, movie lovers.

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In the event of multiple ballots with the same final score, the closest answers to following questions about the 96th Oscars’ broadcast will be used to determine the winner. The second and third tiebreakers will be used only if there are identical guesses for the first.

How many mentions of Barbie will occur across the entire Oscars ceremony?

How many people will be commemorated in the In Memoriam?

Which award category’s winner will have the longest speech?

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